about us Headroom Hair

Headroom Hair owner manager

Headroom Hair was established in 2000 with the goal of providing clients with quality and maintainable hair styles. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest levels of customer service and promise every client a solution that is compatible with national and international hairdressing standards and trends while being individual to their needs.

Our highly trained stylists accomplish client’s ultimate hairstyles by applying their creative flair based on a foundation of exceptional education and technical brilliance. Our many awards, including those for small business excellence and technical ability are testament that our salon and its team members are of the highest standard and quality. In 2020 Headroom Hair received Gold accreditation from the Australian Hairdressing Council, giving Headroom acknowledgement in the  professional hairdressing industry. Together, the team at Headroom Hair has decades of hairdressing experience. We strive, however, to grow and develop with the industry. We think it is important to consider, evaluate and adopt new products, techniques and services as they come on the market, making us well prepared to meet the ever changing needs of our Headroom clients. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures the highest level of client satisfaction at all times.

At Headroom we have created a great salon atmosphere in all of our three salons. We provide full hair cutting, styling and colour services. Our expert team considers your needs and your lifestyle. We believe in not just doing your hair but looking after it and showing you how to maintain your style at home through our thorough consultation process. We aim to make you feel good about your hair not just as you walk out if the salon but for the weeks in-between salon visits. Our commitment is to you and the provision of ongoing, quality hair styling. Look forward to seeing you in the salon soon!